Bench-Top Stripping Machines

Mechtrix Heavy Duty Bench-Top Cable Stripping Machines are designed to strip a wide range of large cables and wires utilizing a gripperless design that prevents unnecessary damage to the wire’s insulation.

MX-8550 Benchtop Stripper
MX-8550 Bench Stripper - Front View

MX-8550 Heavy Duty Bench-Top Stripping Machine

The Mechtrix MX-8550 Heavy Duty Bench-Top Stripping Machine is a pneumatic-mechanical wire stripping machine designed to strip a wide range of both round and flat wires. The unique feature of the MX-8550 is its gripperless design that prevents damage to the insulation on large cables or wire. The MX-8550 achieves this by utilizing two sets of stripping blades: one to hold the insulation in place, while the other removes the insulation.


The MX-8550 can strip round cables up to 38mm (1.5″) in diameter or flat cables up to 38mm (1.5″) wide. The MX-8550 is capable of complete insulation removal of up to 150mm (5.9″). Wires are manually inserted into the machine, then the insulation is automatically removed from the inserted end when the foot pedal is depressed initiating the stripping cycle.


  • Gripperless Design eliminates the marring of the wire or cable insulation.
  • Partial Strip Stop precisely limits the machine’s strip stroke to retain the slug and protect the wire.
  • Cutter Head is powered by two 80mm bore air cylinders to provide maximum cutting force.
  • Open Design & Clear Cover makes wire insertion into the MX-8550 easier by providing an unobstructed view of both the wire and tooling.
  • Drop-Through Design efficiently removes scraps by allowing insulation slugs to exit the side of the machine.
  • Spring Loaded Latches hold the stripping blades on the MX-8550 in place allowing them to be quickly and easily removed without the use of tools.
  • Air Filter / Regulator comes equipped on all MX-8550 machines.
  • CE Certified

Size: 419mm (16.5″) wide x 254mm (10″) high x 470mm (18.5″ long)

Weight: 29kg (65lbs)

Air: 1.2CFM @ 80psi (0.57  I/min @ 0.5MPa)

Sound Level Emitted: 8db(A)

Vibration Emitted: Below 0.5 m/s²

Max Cable Diameter: 38mm (1.5″)

Max Stripping Length: 150mm (5.9″)

Machine Cycle Time: 2 sec. (Estimated) Cycle time depends on strip stroke and operator.