Mechtrix Blades

Mechtrix wire stripping and cutting blades are manufactured using specially alloyed tool steels and tungsten carbides to offer superior performance at lower costs than standard OEM blades.

Our current blade selection includes 35,000+ different stripping and cutting blades for all the popular brands of automatic wire processing machines.

Various Mechtrix Blades

Custom Blades

Mechtrix also designs and manufactures custom blades for unique wire processing challenges. Utilizing our patented blade form geometries and years of industry expertise, our knowledgeable engineering support staff can provide you with an affordable custom solution to meet your wire processing needs.

If you have a custom or specialty application you would like our experts to evaluate or quote, Contact Mechtrix about your requirements for more information.

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Unable to Find Your Wire Processing Machine?

If you are unable to find your exact model or brand of wire processing machine, Mechtrix can still provide you with tooling for your machine. Mechtrix specializes in custom stripping blades and can reverse-engineer a replacement or develop a custom application to suit your specific needs.

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Standard Blade Forms

Universal Stripping Form


• Fastest set-up and changeover time

• Greatest range of adjustability

Typical Applications

Easy to Strip PVC & Soft Insulations

V-Style Stripping Form


• Adjustability over a small range of wire

• Up to 60% circumferential cutting

Typical Applications

PVC, Neoprene & Silicon Insulations

M-Series® Stripping Form


• Patented design with limited adjustability for wire variation

• Up to 85% circumferential cutting

Typical Applications

Thinwall PVC, X-Link, Hypalon & Fiberglass Insulations

Full Radius Stripping Form


• By-passing cutting action

• 100% circumferential cutting

Typical Applications

Ultra Thinwall, PTFE (Teflon), Fiberglass & Soft Jacketed Cables

Die-Type Stripping Form


• Mechanical butting stripping action

• 100% circumferential cutting

Typical Applications

Ultra Thinwall, PTFE (Teflon), Crosslink & Jacketed Cables

Cyclonic-V® Stripping Form


• Patented wire specific design for the most difficult applications

• Blade form thickness is 50% of other blades

Typical Applications

Difficult to Process Insulations

Special Blade Forms

Cut-Off Only Form


Form geometry design can strengthen or create sharper blades for more precise control of the cut-off action by adjusting the form incline and gather angles

Straight Cut-Off / Stripping From


These blades allow for a cleaner cut-off of flat material and/or stripping of PVC insulations of flat multi-conductor cables

Jacket Stripping Form


Specifically sized form geometry, strips all four sides of flat multi-conductor jacketed cables, allowing for automatic processing

Slitting Blades


Form design geometry provides maximum blade life and precise slitting control for both round and flat multi-conductor cables

Steel-Cut Form


Special cut-off only shear blades with supports for stainless steel and other non-copper conductors or cable cores

Multi-Conductor Form


Multi-conductor stripping forms with specific center-to-center dimensions to exactly match the cable construction for superior insulation removal

Specialty Stripping Forms


Custom made to size and shape for specific wire configurations or unique stripping applications