Wire Stripping Blades & Specialized Equipment

for the Electrical Wire Processing Industry

About Mechtrix

Since 1982, the Mechtrix Corporation has specialized in the design and manufacture of tooling, technology, and equipment for the electrical wire processing industry. Mechtrix provides proven, innovative technical expertise in solving difficult wire processing problems through our dedicated engineering support staff and driven by our commitment to finding the right solution for your unique wire application.

From wire stripping blades to specialized auxiliary equipment, Mechtrix is here to support your wire processing needs.

Mechtrix Stripping Blades

Mechtrix manufactures standard OEM replacement cutting and stripping blades for popular wire processing machine brands such as Artos, Komax, Schleuniger and many more.

Mechtrix also specializes in the design and manufacture of custom, unique, and patented blade designs to meet your specific wire processing requirements. Our innovative stripping form geometries and manufacturing processes improve upon the capabilities of your existing wire processing equipment, while reducing your overall tooling costs.


Large Selection

Over 35,000 unique wire stripping blades


Quality & Design

ISO9001-2015 registration insures consistent quality


Ask Our Experts

Our in-house engineering staff is dedicated to finding the right blade to meet your wire processing needs


Fast Delivery

We offer same day shipping for most standard parts with custom blades typically available in 2-3 days

Stripping Blade Toolholder 3D-Render

Mechtrix Equipment

Mechtrix designs and manufactures a variety of specialized auxiliary equipment to optimize existing wire processing production systems. Our lineup of machinery and equipment includes wire prefeeding machines, wire center stripping machines, large cable strippers, terminal applicators, carrier strip cutters, paper winders, and reel stands.

Wire Prefeeders

Wire Prefeeding Systems remove wire from reels, racks, or barrels and make it instantly available for the wire processing machine

Center Stripping Machines

Center Stripping Machines completely remove a preset section of insulation along the length of a wire precisely and efficiently

Bench Strippers

Bench-Top Stripping Machines remove insulation from a wide range of both round and flat cables from a single inserted end

Terminal Applicators and Equipment

Terminal Applicators for crimping all manufacturers of stamped electrical terminals, as well as paper winding and terminal cutting equipment

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