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New Cyclonic-V® Stripping Blades (U.S. Patents 8,739,665 & 9,130,361)

Mechtrix new patented Cyclonic-V® Stripping Blades are now available for virtually all Artos, Eubanks, JAM, Komax, Schaefer/Megomat, Schleuniger and ShinMaywa automatic wire processing machines that utilize separate stripping and cutting blades.  The Mechtrix Cyclonic-V® Stripping Blades are a totally new concept in electrical wire stripping blade design, form and function.  The new blade form geometry and cutting action is so unique it was actually awarded two US Patents due to the number of innovative elements in the concept.  The idea for the design came from customer requests to leverage the capabilities of their existing wire processing platforms to process difficult wires without having to modify the standard machine tool-holders or purchase new expensive custom tool-holders. The newest generation of wire processing machines are capable of operating and repeating with incredible accuracy but existing stripping blade designs were not always able to reliably process many of the newer exotic wire insulations.  Mechtrix Cyclonic-V® Stripping Blades have solved this problem.

Mechtrix Cyclonic-V® Stripping Blade Features

Superior slicing action due to the sharper stripping blade form that is 50% thinner than standard stripping blades creating a cleaner, straighter cut

Sizing that is perfectly matched to the wire’s exact dimensional characteristics for optimal insulation removal

90% circumferential insulation cutting ensures that the maximum amount of insulation is cut rather than torn during the insulation stripping process

Integrated guiding that centers the wire in the stripping form and equalizes the cutting depth of the stripping blade into the wire’s insulation for a more controlled and precise strip

A unique one-sided guiding geometry that slightly rotates the insulation to increase the amount of insulation that is being cut by the stripping blade during the closing of the wire processing machine’s cutter-head

Common Mechtrix Cyclonic-V® Stripping Blade Applications

Semi-Rigid PVC (SRPVC) | Irradiated PVC | Kynar® (PVDF) | Tefzel® (ETFE) | Halar® (ECTFE) | Teflon® (FEP) (TFE) (PTFE) (PFA) | Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) | Hypalon® (CSPE) | Silicone® | Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) | Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLP) (XLPE)