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Mechtrix Benchtop Wire Stripper

The Mechtrix MX-8550 Heavy Duty Bench Stripper is a pneumatic-mechanical wire stripping machine designed to strip a wide range of both round and flat wires.  The unique feature of the MX-8550 is that it is “gripperless” so that the insulation on large cables or wires is not damaged or during the stripping process due to the force required to hold onto the cable.  The machine utilizes a two sets of stripping blades.  One to hold the insulation in place and the other to remove the insulation.

The MX-8550 will strip round cables up to 1.5" (38mm) in diameter or flat cables up to 1.5" (38mm) wide. The MX-8550 will do a complete insulation removal of 5.9" (150mm). Wires are manually inserted into the machine. The insulation is automatically removed from the inserted end when the foot pedal is depressed initiating the stripping cycle.

For more information on the Mechtrix MX-8550 click here or on the image.

Bench Stripper

Center Stripper